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Journeys by Soori

Exploring traditional Balinese rice farming Authentic and genuine connections to the local community
Explore Soori Bali

Journeys by Soori are a series of customised experiences exclusively offered at Soori Bali, enabling every guest to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of elements which define our destination and to pursue their personal passions.

At Soori Bali, you can take your pick of full-day and half-day bespoke experiences which focus on spa and wellness, Balinese culture, arts and crafts as well as environmentally conscious excursions. Please enquire for pricing and availability.


Soori Journeys

Spiritual Journeys

Spiritual Journeys by Soori are engaging experiences beyond the ordinary, gifts of ancient wisdom offering a balm for the soul and an invitation to meditation, blessings and deeply meaningful moments.

Cultural Journeys

Cultural Journeys by Soori is a comprehensive series of customized and mindfulness experiences exclusively offered at Soori Bali; offering a deeper and more meaningful understanding of elements which define our destination.

Community Journeys

Soori Bali is a unique place with powerful initiatives embarking guests in the adventure. We endeavor to be an inspiration to the change makers’ generation and to architect a new way of traveling and living.

Wellness Journeys

Re-energise your soul in Soori’s vast and spiritually-charged nature. Specifically created to guide you towards a lasting sense of well-being, Soori Wellness Journeys allow you to tap into its restorative powers and reconnect with yourself.

Younger Guests Journeys

A series of customised focusing on children’s interests integrating indigenous nature, local community, and traditional Balinese culture.

Other Activities

Our Leisure Concierge will be happy to assist you in organising activities tailored to specific interests such as snorkelling, diving or Sky Tour.